Tröma Nagmo Wang

According to the Terma teachings, Guru Rinpoche received the teaching of Troma Nagmo and the Tantra of Vajravarahi from a large group of wisdom dakinis in the Spontaneous Cemetery of Uddiyana. Vajrayogini also appeared before him and gave him all these teachings as an oral transmission. Guru Rinpoche realized that of all practices, these were the most profound and secret, so he hid them in his own heart-mind.

Later, when he came to Tibet, Yeshe Tsogyal had a dream in which the five wisdom dakini families advised her to request this teaching from Guru Rinpoche. After Guru Rinpoche gave these teachings to Yeshe Tsogyal and his closest disciples he hid it as terma in the heart of Drokben Kyeuchung Lotsawa, the previous incarnation of Dudjom Rinpoche.

Following the prophecies of Guru Rinpoche and other tertons, Dudjom Lingpa (1835-1904), the predecessor of Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, revealed these teachings without obstacle as a space treasure from his wisdom mind. According to Dudjom Lingpa this teaching of Troma Nagmo is a treasure of the Mahasiddha Saraha and the secret teaching of the dakinis.

It has been prophesied that thirty close disciples will attain the full rainbow body in a single lifetime, and that anyone who diligently follows the stages of creation and dissolution will attain the state of Troma Nagmo in this lifetime, or in the bardo, or in their next life. Moreover, everyone who enters this mandala will see the signs of realization whether they practice for three years, three months, or even three days.

In this empowerment, the outer aspect is Troma Nagmo, the inner is Dorje Phagmo, and the dharmakaya level is Kuntuzangmo. This is a direct, secret empowerment of the dakinis and by receiving it, you receive all the empowerments of the dakinis.