Daily Archives: April 6, 2019

Chimed Sogthig Long-Life Empowerment

This was first taught in the dharmakaya realm by Samantabhadra, in what is known in that realm as the lineage of mind transmission. Then by the transmission of sign and symbol, it was taught in Akinishta to all the vidyadharas, dakas, and dakinis by the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities. […]

Tröma Nagmo Wang

According to the Terma teachings, Guru Rinpoche received the teaching of Troma Nagmo and the Tantra of Vajravarahi from a large group of wisdom dakinis in the Spontaneous Cemetery of Uddiyana. Vajrayogini also appeared before him and gave him all these teachings as an oral transmission. Guru Rinpoche realized that […]

Tröma Drubchod

A Tröma drupchod is an intensive and very powerful group practice of the Vajrayana that brings great benefit not only personally but also collectively in that it increases vitality, health, prosperity, and dissipates violence and obstacles as well as harmonizes the disturbed elements and environment. Unlike a drupchen, the drupchod […]